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StartEnv improves software testing by automating Docker and Kubernetes environment deployment for each branche separately. By using your docker-compose file, we eliminate manual deployment, saving you time and effort.

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Why should you use StartEnv?

StartEnv creates separate test environments per branch or PR. This way your QA department can test features without blocking a release. We use your existing Docker compose file and will automatically handle building and deploying your test environment.

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  • What exactly does StartEnv do?

    StartEnv automates the deployment of Docker and Kubernetes environments for each branch separately. It utilizes your docker-compose file, ensuring quick and hassle-free setup for dynamic test environments per branch or PR. So, instead of manually setting up your testing environments, StartEnv does the heavy lifting for you!

  • Is StartEnv the right tool for me?

    StartEnv is suitable for every team that delivers features to a QA team or to separate stakeholders. By creating separate environments for every new feature you can see them before they are being released. And if there is a problem with it, nothing is affected.

  • I already have a continuous integration (CI) setup. How would StartEnv fit into my workflow?

    StartEnv complements your CI process. While your CI system focuses on building and running tests, StartEnv emphasizes creating dynamic, isolated environments for each branch or PR. This allows your QA team to test features in real-world scenarios without hindering any releases.

  • I'm interested, but I'm not sure if StartEnv is right for my setup. Can I try before committing?

    Of course! We understand that every setup is unique and StartEnv might not be for everyone. You can try out StartEnv for 30 days completely free and after that you can cancel any month!

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